Gain Understanding

Satisfy Needs

Strengthen Bonds

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Brown and white dog lays on their side with a Soda Pup Treat Dispensing Can in their mouth

Enrich Their Life

Give your dog an enrichment toy! Contrafreeloading is when a dog prefers food that requires effort vs food that is freely served. Help satisfy your dog's need to work for their food with a variety of feeding toys, enrichment games, and training.

We have durable toys such as Sodapup's Soda Can, and Nina Ottson Dog Brick Puzzle to help keep your canine working while you can relax.

Books like Don't Shoot the Dog can help you engage your dog to work for their food as well as strengthen their bond with you.

Our Motto: Gain Understanding, Satisfy Needs, and Strengthen Bonds

At Give the Dog a Ball we want to help you and your dog! Together we will gain understanding, satisfy needs, and strengthen bonds! Once we understand our dogs we can satisfy their needs. When we satisfy their needs we can align with our needs. Only then can we strengthen the bonds between us.