Training Methodology

Give the Dog a Ball believes that every dog is unique and requires careful consideration of training methods. We primarily use positive reinforcement training to help teach the dog what they should do. And we believe that mild, fair punishments can help tell the dog what NOT to do.

But most importantly we think dogs should be allowed to be dogs! We help people understand their dogs' needs. Teach them how to satisfy their dog. And strengthen the human-dog bond.
#GainUnderstanding #SatisfyNeeds #StrengthenBonds


We Work For You

Our training programs are tailored to you and your dog's needs. You tell us what you want and we'll help you get there. We take into consideration your preferences, culture, and rules when we come up with a dog training program for you!

A Look into the Different Quadrants of Dog Training (Operant Learning)

The point in the study was to "Point out that common assumption 'that positive reinforcement is always good and negative reinforcement is always bad' is incorrect" - Dr. Perone (around time 5:30 in video)