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No Fuss Fill

No Fuss Fill

No Fuss Fill

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Fill your treat dispensing toys with ease using No Fuss Fill. Just load the fill and push food into your dogs’ toys! It's the easiest way to fill enrichment toys!

  • Save time
  • Quick and Easy
  • No Mess
  • Patent-pending plunger designed to leave minimal residue in the barrel
  • Designed & made in the UK by dog lovers (Purchased in bulk to ship to those in US by us, Give the Dog a Ball)
  •  Non-Toxic food safe

Works with a large variety of food types, even minced raw meat for those who raw feed their dogs! It can quickly be filled with a tablespoon or pushed straight into meat for super quick fill.

Fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe!

Happy People Say:

"A must-have for all dog owners that utilize enrichment activities"

"A device that makes your life easier  if you use a lot of enrichment toys with your dog"

"It even works with raw!" 


  • Fill with your dog's favourite  enrichment toy filling
  • Slowly push the plunger releasing food into the toy 
  • The No Fuss Fill® has a patent-pending nozzle and plunger that leaves minimal residue in the barrel

Care Instructions:

  • Dishwasher Safe

See how easy it is to fill toys below:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy Peazy

Much easier way to fill Kongs. Mix up a batch and presto. Take very little pressure to fill, so go easy on the pressure. Quick to clean as well.

Giant thumbs up

I absolutely adore this products. I have arthritis is a fair few of the joints in my hands and wrists, so prepping enrichment for my dog can be quite difficult at times. The No Fuss Fill has taken so much worry out of enrichment prep. I used to dread doing it, knowing how long it would take me and the pain it would often cause. Not any longer! I don’t have to worry about Freddy missing out of his favourite stuffed kongs, whilst also not having to worry about my little hands suffering from making them! Giant thumbs up from me


So easy to use and makes filling the Kong clean and fun