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Alpine Outfitters

Alpine Outfitters Hands Free Belt and Jogger's Dog Leash

Alpine Outfitters Hands Free Belt and Jogger's Dog Leash

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Our Urban Trail Hands Free Belt with Joggers Leash Combo makes running or walking with your dog simpler, more comfortable, more secure, and safe!

About the Hands Free Belt!

Our Urban Trail Hands Free Belt makes your dog activity safer and more enjoyable by eliminating the need to hold a leash! Your dogs leash is easily and safely secured to our strong, padded, comfortable belt designed to free up your hands. Originally designed for and used by mushers to safely handle multiple dogs on a sled team on the trail. Safely and securely enjoy the outdoors without having to hold a leash! Prevents loose dogs! Available in five sizes.

Belt Key Features & Benefits:

- STRONG, PREMIUM QUALITY - 2-inch wide heavy duty nylon webbing (7,700 lb. break strength) for maximum strength and durability.
- COMFORT - Lined with soft neoprene padding for comfort.
- SECURE - Heavy duty Military Grade no-slip cam buckle will keep belt securely attached to wearer.
- VERSATILE - Perfect for our Joggers Leash, however, standard leashes can also attach to our unique Joggers attachment with carabiner, which allows you to evenly distribute the pull from your dog...and securely attaches your dog to the belt, while leaving your hands free.
- MULTIPLE DOGS - Heavy duty attachment rings on each side belt (or Jogger's attachment) allow for multiple dogs.
- LOW-LIGHT VISIBILITY - 3M ScotchliteTM Reflective Bands keep you visible at night.
AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES - Adjustment strap for each size can be let out approximately six inches.

About the Urban Trail Jogger's Leash

Safe, comfortable and highly functional, our Joggers Leash is perfect for everyday active living with your dog, whether it be jogging, hiking, or a walk around the block. Can be used as a hand-held leash or in combination with the Hands free Belt.

Leash Key Features & Benefits:

- TOUGH - Strong and durable polyethylene rope with Moisture and mildew resistant.
- SHOCK ABSORBENT - Embedded into the rope is a bungee shock- absorber for you and your dog's comfort and safety.
- LOW-LIGHT VISIBILITY - Reflective material woven in to make sure you are seen from dusk to dawn.
- SECURE - Heavy-duty metal swivel snap for safety and security.
- COMFORT - Padded detachable handle turns your Jogger's Leash into a walking leash!
- TRAFFIC HANDLE - Secondary traffic handle puts you close to your dog for extra control when necessary.
- VERSATILE - Padded handle is removable so leash may attach directly to our Urban Trail Hands Free Belt.
- CONTROL - 5.5 feet in length is the perfect length for jogging/running with your dog.



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More about Alpine Outfitters Hands Free Belt and Jogger's Dog Leash

Why we love Alpine Outfitters Hands Free Belt and Jogger's Dog Leash

We love Alpine Outfitters because they craft high-quality gear for working and active dogs! They have been crafting since 1988!

Item Details

Small: 2 in (5 cm) wide by 28-32 in (71-81 cm) in length (of waist)<br>
Medium: 2 in (5 cm) wide by 32-36 in (81-91 cm) in length (of waist)<br>
Large: 2 in (5 cm) wide by 36-40 in (91-101 cm) in length (of waist)<br>
Extra Large: 2 in (5 cm) wide by 40-44 in (101-111 cm) in length (of waist)<br>
Extra-Extra Large: 2 in (5 cm) wide by 44-48 in (111-121 cm) in length (of waist)<br>

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Customer Reviews

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Matte B
Love! Used daily!

Love it! I had previously done some research (hours) and thought the Iron Doggy would be good with many favorable reviews. In short, the harness broke rather easily when our Doberman saw a squirrel which resulted in me chasing him in 5 pm traffic on Main Street (fun...not).

I then started looking into this harness and it is both much more comfortable for me, even if he pulls, and Incredibly strong and dependable—which is what really matters to me. I also like that it has the hi-viz reflective strip as we go for walks and runs very early and late to avoid some of the summer heat. Excellent product! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Durable, well made Hands Free Belt!

So far I have had this belt rig for three weeks and love it. I have used Handsfree belts for about 6 years now. The one that lasted me the longest was from good2go. It lasted 3 years, however after pulling from several sized dogs, the buckle finally gave out during a walk, which was scary. I found this belt here and it looked to be very sturdy and what I was looking for. When I received it I was not disappointed. The belt comes with a small lanyard attachment (Depicted in the photo provided) to connect the dog(s) to both o’ rings on the belt, however you can connect one dog directly to each o’ ring if desired. I have two American Staffordshire Terriers, one weighs 60 pounds and is muscular, and the other weighs 40 pounds. One (40lbs) is dog selective and the other (60lbs) has a very high prey drive, therefore any cat or squirrel that show up on our walk, cause for a very excited dog that pulls with all her 60 lbs of might. With this said, I have carpel tunnel, which makes it quite hard and painful sometimes to withstand the pulling. This belt seems to be very well made with reinforced stitching around the important parts. The buckle is plastic, which is my one con since I wish it was a metal buckle, however appears to be sturdy, so hopefully it will last longer than three years. On my third picture I show how I use the belt, which is with Alpine Outfitters hands free jogging leashes I found on their website (not sold on Amazon). Paired with the leashes, this provides for a very comfortable walk, even if a squirrel or cat jump out during the walk. I am very satisfied and highly recommend it. Lastly, the reflective tape on the back, add a safety feature to it (even though drivers seem to pay less attention lately).