Recommended Products

Give the Dog a Ball is a small, family run business and as such we cannot offer everything you and your family needs. Here is a list of products we think you should be on the lookout for!

Local, loving pet care near you

Rover is a pet sitting, walking, boarding, and drop in visit site. Find background checked providers to care for your pets today!

DOGTV Perfect for when your pup has separation anxiety and you want to keep some sounds on for them! Also good for keeping them entertained while you are in the house.

Petcube Bites 2 and Play 2

Petcube has a variety of cameras, treat dispensers and two way audio devices to help keep track of your pets, pet sitters, or family while you are away (or even just in another room).

All Natural Pee Pad

Bark Potty An alternative to pee pads, Bark Potty is great for potty training your dog if you live in an apartment or just want to keep your puppy away from outside until they are fully vaccinated! Since Bark Potty is made of bark when your dog does transition to outside potty the familiar smells will encourage them to go!

buy one get one free

Neabot is a robot vacuum that helps you spend less time cleaning and more time on what matters. Playing with your dog!

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Bissel Products are a must for keeping your home clean! We use our Bissel pet wet carpet cleaner to help clean up potty accidents, or even just mud, sand, and spills that happen in our house!

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Embark Breed is one factor of how your dog behaves and what they like to do. Getting their DNA done will help you determine your dog's history! But it can also be a good way to make sure there are no genetic issues that may arise as your pet gets older, or that could be passed along to their offspring.

Wisdom Panel  helps you determine your dog's DNA risks and benefits!

Bully Beds designed a bed for large dogs and it not only supports the weight of very big dogs, but it will last for decades.

FitBark is a GPS and Activity tracker for your dog!

The Honest Kitchen Is human grade pet food! We love that it comes in dehydrated form so that it is light to carry and expands to fill our dogs up! There are many possibilities with this food and their products!


Raw Wild is one way for to feed your pet! Many think that raw is the way to go! If raw is your thing Raw wild may be for you!

Pet plate is a delivery service and pet food. Bringing you and your dogs human grade pet food on a regular basis!

Running Low on Dog Food? - Shop Today & Save

K9 Cuisine is focused specifically on providing the highest quality Natural, Holistic, and Organic pet food for your dog!

Euosh is a type of pet care company! That covers your pet's medical, wellness, illness, and routine care expenses! It's better than insurance.

Pet Insurance can feel complicated but it doesn't have to be! Check out Knose!

Knose is pet insurance offered in Australia

First Vet Lets you do vet visits online and in the comfort of your own home! Very helpful if you can't make it out of the house for some reason or want a house call. Some behaviors may have a medical cause and letting your vet see it where it happens most may be helpful to gaining clarity

Huan PetTag is allows you to put an Apple Tag on your dog or use one of the Huan trackers for your dog. These don't require a subscription because they are Bluetooth based.

Install the AskVet Pet Mobile App today!

AskVet is a simple way to get your vet questions answered!

Alen® for Pet Dander + Odor

Alen Many pets product dander, bring in dirt, or shed. Plus with pollution, cleaners, and possible circulation issues in your home the air could be cleaner. Air purifiers help remove contaminants from the air to make it safer and healthier for you and your pets.

Ask why kibble is so cheap.  We Feed Raw, now 20% off!

We Feed Raw has balanced raw food diets individually packed and sealed and delivered to your door! Take the guess work out of raw feeding with a pre-made balanced meal!

Tailored Pet Nutrition is more than just dog food, it is a service to help tailor food specifically for your dog!

Lost My Doggie helps notify your neighbors of your missing pet much like an amber alert!

Dogwise Publishing Training Books offer books, DVD's and ebooks for those who want to learn to train and go at their own pace! We read their books all the time!

Whistle Health is a dog activity tracker and GPS tracker for your dog to wear! The GPS tracker is available in US and Canada!

Analan is a pet hair remover gizmo that makes it easy to remove embedded pet hair from your home or car!

 K9 Training Institute has online dog training courses for you and your dog!

Nextdoor is a great place to find neighboring pups, friends, and get togethers for you and your family! We use this to help spot missing pets, get pet sitters, reviews on different business for you and your pup, and even recommendations for what there is to do, eat, or get a groom! 

Dyson Inc.

 Most cats and dogs have fur and can leave messes, whether accidental or on purpose (I'm looking at you, Mr Stuffy killer). Dyson has vacuums and air purifiers that will help keep your home clean from stuffy fluff, dirt, and dander!


 Who likes scooping cat poop? Not us, we personally have automatic litter boxes and litter robot is just that! Just make sure the compartment is emptied regularly and there is enough litter in the pan and your kitty will always have a clean place to go and your home will always smell fresh!