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Clix Target Stick

Clix Target Stick

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The Clix Target Stick is the perfect choice for engaging your dog in clicker training.

The wand extends to 28" and features a soft rubber bulb on the end, allowing you to easily guide your dog. When retracted the stick is 5.5" so it is easy and light to carry when you are on the go. The Clix Target Stick allows you to easily teach your dog all of the training techniques you want, no matter where you are!

The Company of Animals was created by world renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. The Company of Animals is headquartered in England and features a Training and Behavior Center that is widely regarded as the one of the best in the country.

Telescopic design

The clever telescopic design of the Target Stick allows you to adjust the length from 15-70cm.

Visual target

The soft round ball at the end of the Target Stick provides a visual guide for your dog which is helpful when teaching basic commands like ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’, but is also invaluable for more advanced trick training.

Convenient to carry

When collapsed the Target Stick is only 15cm long making it easy to transport and store in a pocket or treat bag.

Easy to use

A real must-have for clicker training fans, the Target Stick is easy to use and can help owners teach their dog anything from simple commands to complicated tricks.



  • Lightweight and easy to retract for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Great basic tool for numerous dog training applications.
  • Product Dimensions: 28 when extended, 5.5 when retracted.

Tags: Clicker, Tool, Training Tool, Training Tools

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More about Clix Target Stick

Why we love Clix Target Stick

Target sticks are great for getting your dog to focus away from your body and onto something else! You can use the stick as a way to teach close the door, go through a hoop, or even clean up your heel work by creating a focal point for your dog! The opportunities are endless! (Cats love it too!)

Item Details

28 inches when extended, 5.5 inches when retracted.

Metal telescopic stick and foam ball

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
overall a decent target stick but could be made more durable

I really like how this target stick is adjustable and has a clip that you can clip onto your pants or a treat bag or anything else that you’d want to clip it onto like that. I would like it the ball was made of something a bit more durable. It’s made of foam and if you have a puppy you’re teaching, the puppy might try to bite it which could damage it. When the stick is extended it is a bit wobbly and has a bit of flex to it but it’s not to the point where it will break. If you have a dog that’s not rough with it (jumping at it or something like that) it might be a bit of a concern..
Overall I really like it and my dog loves it too. We were on a walk working on exposure to traffic and I had it clipped onto my pants pocket on my right side while she was walking on my left and she actually offered a target a few times during walking all by herself.

Darren G
It needs to be a different colour

Great little target stick , seems solid yet lightweight. My only issue is ... the ball ! The selling point says... The red ball helps the dog as a visual signal and its endorsed by Roger Mugford UK No1 animal psychologist... Well he should know Dogs cant see RED .. Would love to have this in YELLOW OR BLUE ... colours does can see ... Sp have already sprayed mine yellow

Shayn P
Helpful training tool

Improved my dog's skill set in just minutes. We had been trying for ages to get my dog to properly throw trash away in a trash can. She knew all of the basic steps but aiming was proving difficult for her (and for my patience). Enter the target stick. In just minutes of introducing the target stick, my dog was acurrstrly dropping objects into the trash can as asked! Stellar progress!