Wire Basket Muzzle

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Made in Europe of premium high-quality leather and metal, the Delta Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is known for its precise construction.

The leather on the snout is padded with soft felt for maximum comfort, and the strap has three adjustable points to allow the perfect fit.

Due to its impeccable design, this muzzle provides the best ventilation available, letting your dog drink water even while wearing it.

Available in multiple sizes, please refer to sizing guide photo for measurement help and information.

Size Length Muzzle Circumference
Size 3 3in (7.5cm) 10.5in (27cm)
Size 3+ 3.5in (9cm) 11in (28cm)
Size 4 3.25in (8cm) 12.25in (31cm)
Size 5 3.5in (8.5cm) 13.25in (34cm)
Size 5+ 4.25in (11cm) 14in (36cm)
Size B1 1.5in (4cm) 12.5in (32cm)
Size B2 2in (5cm) 13in (33cm)
Size B3 2in (5cm) 13.75in (35cm)
Size 6 4in (10cm) 14in (36cm)
Size R1 3.25in (8cm) 14.5in (37cm)
Size R2 3.25in (8cm) 15.25in (39cm)
Size R3 3.255in (8cm) 16in (41cm)
Size GD 4.25in (cm) 18.5in (47cm)
Size STB 4.75in (cm) 19in (48cm)

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