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Waterproof Leopard Collar

Waterproof Leopard Collar

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Dog is out and Leopard is in! This Leopard print collar goes perfect for those dogs that want to be more cat-like! Or even those who just like the browns and yellows and love Leopard Print Collars as a fashion statement!

Freedom to go where your dog wants to go!

This water-repellent collar stays dry and odor-free, without shrinking or losing flexibility. Perfect for the beach, or days at the groomer.

Strong and Durable

This collar's waterproof webbing is stronger and more durable than leather or nylon, our polyester webbing substrate is bonded with a waterproof coating so it is unrivaled where environs demand strength, flexibility, and cleanliness.

Easy to use

Quick release buckle makes for easy on and off! Plus the material is easy to clean, just simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

Tags: Biothane, Collar

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Extra Small 5/8" Width 8-12" Length<br>
Small 3/4" Width10-14" Length<br>
Medium 3/4" Width 14-20" Length<br>
Large 1" Width 18-28" Length<br>
Extra Large 1" Width 28-32" Length<br>
Leash 3/4" by 60" (5 foot) Length<br>

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