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Doggone Clickers

Training Clicker

Training Clicker

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Clickers make a distinct sound to allow for precise showcasing of a behavior moment. This helps show your cat or dog exactly what you want them to.

Larry Khron states that the "Clicker is a Party" and shows your animal what good they have done. Get to clicking and treating your dog or cat today!

These clickers come in a variety of colors, have a durable plastic casing and plastic button to make the metal inside easier to activate. There is a bungee wrist rope with metal clasp to make sure you don't lose it.

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Doggone Clickers

More about Training Clicker


We love clicker training because animals learn new behaviors quickly, easily and enthusiastically!

This helps your dog love working with you!
Give your Dog Training to Strengthen Bonds!

Why we love Doggone Clickers

We love the Doggone Good Clicker Company because they have expertise and passion in providing quality pet training products for over 25 years!


Clickers are 1.5" x 2.25"

Ingredients or Materials

These are made out of plastic
There is a thin sheet of metal inside the clicker that makes the click sound!