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The Allergic Pet by Deva Khalsa VMD

The Allergic Pet by Deva Khalsa VMD

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Being a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine, Dr. Deva Khalsa shares her invaluable knowledge on how to effectively and permanently cure pet allergies. Dr. Khalsa will show you how to strengthen your pet's immune system not with the use of expensive surgery or pharmaceutical drugs, but instead with holistic therapies. Read The Allergic Pet and take Dr. Khalsa's advice to keep your pet well, full of energy, and with a healthy, shining, smooth coat. Our furry friends suffer from allergies as much as we do, and allergy season sadly seems to run throughout the year. For cats and dogs that suffer from allergies, they could have many symptoms from dry skin and ear infections to severe gastrointestinal issues. Of course, you can take your dog or cat to the local veterinarian who might prescribe expensive supplements and ointments for their allergies. Dr. Khalsa's book, though, might be the right prescription for you and your pet. Having developed her methods over decades of practice and study, she combines wholesome nutrition and holistic therapies with traditional veterinary medicine. She uses alternative methods, such as herbal remedies and botanical medicine. The Allergic Pet features detailed explanations of the author's allergy elimination technique for trying to diagnose the root of the problem in your pet. It offers useful advice for cat and dog owners on food choices, hot spots for infections, ringworm, scabies, intestinal parasites, vaccinations, and more. It suggests holistic health therapies for keeping your pet healthy and strengthening its immune system, thereby avoiding the use of surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. It even goes into detail on food sensitivity and the considerations you should make when it comes to your pet's diet. If your dog or cat suffers from allergies, this is a book you will want to own to refer to again and again.

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