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Pteradactyl Tuffy

Pteradactyl Tuffy

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Tuffy® Dinosaur Pteradactyl - Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. This extremely, durable dog toy is great for playing tug or fetch! Soft edges won't hurt gums.  Machine washable (air dry) and it floats!

Has up to 4 layers of material with industrial grade luggage material, plastic coating, and soft fleece! Has up to 4 rows of stitching and all squeakers are sewn inside safety pockets.


Warning: Your dog's safety is your responsibility. Tuffy® dog toys are designed to be play toys and not chew toys. Only allow your dog to play with the toy under supervision.  Do not allow your pet to ingest any portion of the toy.  Injury may result.

Tags: Dinosaur, Plush, Plush & Squeak Toy, Toy

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Regular: 7" x 23" x 17.5" TuffScale 7<br>
Junior: 3" x 14" x 11" TuffScale 7<br>
Sizes of dinosaurs are not guaranteed because they are very detailed!

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