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Omega Paw

Omega Paw Portion Pacer

Omega Paw Portion Pacer

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The Omega Paw Portion Pacer helps slow down your dog while eating, or drinking!

Studies have shown the Portion Pacer helps prevent gulping and trains dogs to eat and drink properly
  • Helps to Prevent vomiting, choking and bloating.
  • Works in any bowl!
  • Made with Stainless Steel and Porcelain!
  • Dishwasher Safe!
  • Try it in the water bowl too!

How it works
Place Pauser Ball into food bowl. Pour the recommended amount of dog food into the bowl. Watch and be amazed at how the Pauser Ball slows down how fast your dog eats and drinks from their bowls.

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More about Omega Paw Portion Pacer

Why we love Omega Paw Portion Pacer

Adding a puzzle ball to your dog's food or water bowl can help your dog think! Slowing down while eating is also proven to help prevent bloat, vomiting and choking.

We love Omega Paw because they are an innovative pet company that is responsive to customers needs.

Item Details

Small 2 7/8" Diameter
Large 3 1/2" Diameter

Porcelain and Stainless steel

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