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Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad Cover

Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad Cover

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The Cool Pet Pad Cover - For the Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad

Add comfort & function to your cooling pad.

The cooling pad cover is designed to protect the pad against dirt and your dog’s paws. Many dogs burrow before they lie down and this cover will help reduce scratches on the pad. It will also keep the pad clean and it’s machine washable.

The cooling pad cover will not affect the performance of the cooling pad. We specially designed it so it will be soft and comfortable but still allow your dog’s weight to activate the gel inside and cool down your dog.


Simply slip the cover over the cooling pad and tuck it around the pad to keep it in place.

Machine washable - tumble dry suggested

Tags: Cooling Pad, Summer Heat

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More about Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad Cover

Why we love Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad Cover

The Cool Pet Pad Cover helps protect the Cool Pet Pad! Some dogs like to dig before they lay down, this will protect the pad as well as keep it cleaner longer!

Green Pet Shop provides unique, affordable products that care for pets without compromising the environment!

Item Details

Size Pad Dimensions Suggested Use
Extra Small 11.8" x 15.7" For pets between 0 - 8 lbs
Small 15.7" x 19.7" For pets between 9 - 20 lbs
Medium 20" x 30" For pets between 21 - 45 lbs
Large 23.6" x 35" For pets between 46 - 80 lbs
Extra Large 27.5" x 43.3" For pets above 80 lbs

It is made out of a proprietary non-toxic cooling gel

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