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Give the Dog a Ball

Give the Dog a Ball BioThane Dog Collar Safety Backup Tab

Give the Dog a Ball BioThane Dog Collar Safety Backup Tab

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Give the Dog a Ball presents BioThane Dog Collar Safety Backup Tabs for connecting a collar to a harness or a prong collar to a collar

Our BioThane Backup tabs are made in house with BioThane and solid brass hardware! Our Collar backup tabs can be made in two ways. Basic straight snap hook to snap hook or V shaped snap hook, O ring, to snap hook. Backup tabs are important to use with your dog to connect a not as strong collar or harness to a stronger collar or harness in case one fails or pops open. Prong collars are known for sometimes popping open with enough force or movement to pinch the prongs out of place. When this happens your dog may run free when you least want them too!

Basic Straight Dog Collar Backup Tab

Our basic straight dog collar backup tabs can come in a size as small as 4 inches (not including hardware, with hardware tab is about 8 inches long) and can be made bigger by custom request. Connect one end to your collar or harness and the other end to the dead ring on your prong collar or other collar. Then connect your leash to the live ring of the prong collar or your harness/collar.

V-Shaped Dog Collar Backup Tab

Our V-shaped dog collar backup tabs are about 7 inches long (folded in half and not including hardware), and one tab is shorter than the other, perfect for use with a prong collar. Put the longer end on a flat collar or harness and the short end on the prong collar, connect your leash to the O-ring and you can still do corrections!

It's made strong!

Our BioThane is 5/8 inches thick to not add extra bulk but still be strong enough for large dogs! We also use solid brass hardware. It's stronger than regular dog collar hardware, which is normally a zinc alloy plated with shiny nickel. See our math behind why we think this leash is strong enough for large dogs!

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More about Give the Dog a Ball BioThane Dog Collar Safety Backup Tab

Why we love Give the Dog a Ball BioThane Dog Collar Safety Backup Tab

Backup tabs are important for keeping your dog safe if one of their collars fails! It provides a safety net to keep your dog connected to you!

Item Details

Straight Backup tabs are 4 inches not including hardware. When including hardware they are about 8 inches

V-shaped Backup tabs are made with a 12 inch strap, but it is folded in half so the useable length is about 7 inches inches not including hardware. Including hardware it is about inches.

These are hand made so there may be slight variations in size or placement of hardware, but it doesn't affect quality!

BioThane Straps and Solid Brass Hardware

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