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Give the Dog a Ball

Give the Dog a Ball 6 foot BioThane Leash with Accessory Ring

Give the Dog a Ball 6 foot BioThane Leash with Accessory Ring

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Give the Dog a Ball makes 6 foot long BioThane Dog Leash with Accessory Ring

6 foot leashes are great for every day walks or where leash laws require this size! It is perfect for teaching heel, but still gives enough room to let your dog sniff and use the bathroom on walks! The added accessory ring gives you a place to put hold extra gear or use the leash as a slip leash in a pinch!

It's made strong!

This leash is made of super strong BioThane it is 5/8" which is big enough for large dogs but small enough for hands! The solid brass hardware is stronger than normal dog gear hardware which is typically weaker zinc alloy plated in shiny nickel. Brass does not rust or corrode making this leash safe for use in or around the water! Brass can tarnish over time though so it may become a bit less shiny over time, but will still be super strong!

BioThane is a waterproof webbing that is super strong! 5/8" BioThane is strong enough to hold 2.78 kN! Read about our math behind why we think this size is great for large dogs!

Convenient Leash!

This leash has a handle with an added O-Ring to help you keep your poop bag holder, poop bag opener, keys, or even attach another leash to give your dog extra running space on short notice! The O ring is big enough to slip the other end of the leash through to create a slip leash if you ever need one in a pinch! Perfect for emergencies, if a collar breaks, for quick outings, or even attempting to catch a loose dog.



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Why we love Give the Dog a Ball 6 foot BioThane Leash with Accessory Ring

Benefits of BioThane is that it is strong, waterproof, and non-porous for disinfecting
Solid Brass is rust and corrosion resistant so it can be used in the water and at the beach!

This is made in house! We love the strong materials we chose and the fact that we can custom make items exactly as you need it!

Item Details

6 feet long by 5/8” wide

BioThane Straps and Solid Brass Hardware

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