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Educator Technologies

Educator Receivers

Educator Receivers

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Our Educator Receivers can be used for replacements to your broken receivers or to upgrade your single dog systems to two dog systems! Each receiver comes with a Biothane strap, standard short and standard long contact points, and a splitter cable.

RX-070 Micro Receiver

RX-070 Micro Receiver is our newest receiver designed with the smaller dog in mind.  Approximately 20% smaller and lighter than the RX-090, It's unique design allows the user to turn it  90 degrees on the strap so contact points can be fore and aft if necessary for  a very small neck.  Contact points are 1" apart from one another rather than the traditional 1.25" span. 

Compatible with all current transmitters including the ET-300, ET-400 and EZ-900 and more.

RX-090 Receiver

This small dog RX-090 receiver is the perfect choice for dog obedience training. Due to the rugged design, the RX receiver is perfect for any type of training environment.

For ET-300, ET-400, and EZ-900

RX-120 Receiver

This large dog RCVR receiver is the perfect choice for dog obedience training. Due to the large RCVR rugged design, the receiver is perfect for any type of training environment. This receiver provides easy wearing on your dog without tightness due to its compact design

This is for ET-800, UL-1200, and WF-1200

PG-300 Pager Only Receiver

Our pager only receiver will effectively help teach and communicate commands to your dog. The remote trainer pager affects a different part of the dog's brain than electric stimulus, which contracts muscles, the page is more of a mental cue. Most dogs readily accept the newfound ability when a pager gives out signals.

RX-150 and RX-050 FOB Receiver

The FOB receiver is only compatible with the FOB handheld transmitter.

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Why we love Educator Receivers

E-Collar Technologies Inc is a group of experienced remote dog training professionals.
They are innovators of using low level stimulation to help train dogs. Combine e-collar training with plenty of positive reinforcement to make training your dog pleasurable.

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