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Dogline French Linen Dog Tug Toy

Dogline French Linen Dog Tug Toy

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French Linen tugs are perfect for interactive play and can be used for fetch as well! The French linen Tug is a favorite material for dogs because they can get a good grip while tugging. We like to use the tug as a reward or on the end of a flirt pole! They are sturdy toys, come with filling or no filling. These tugs are favorites among owners too! Although these tugs are NOT made to float for long durations, we have had dock divers use these in competition for superior grip! These tugs will float for a short while, but will become soaked and sink during extended play. 

Each tug is made of top-grade French linen. The same material that bite suits are made of, it is durable and tear-resistant. Sewn together with heavy duty stitching and featuring a rubber woven handle for a strong grip, you have the option of choosing between 1 and 2 handles.

Should not be used as a chew toy.

Sizes displayed are Tug Length (not including handles) x Tug Diameter

  • Rubberized Nylon Handles for solid grip
  • High Quality Durable Material
  • Perfect for training, shutzhund, police, ring sport
  • Made in Europe
  • Perfect for Interactive Play and Drive Building.

These can be machine washed, and dried on low in most machines.

Tags: Toy, Tug, Tug & Chase Toy, Tug Toy

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