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Dog is Good

Dog is Good Never Drink Alone Dog Collar

Dog is Good Never Drink Alone Dog Collar

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Dog is Good Never Drink Alone Polyester Dog Collar

We would never condone drinking alone … that could be considered unhealthy. But you aren’t drinking alone when your “best friend” is alongside! If you want your dog to join you in drinking time you can get your dog their very own silly squeaker can or bottle toy!* Only give your dog dog-safe things to drink with you such as water or bone broth! We have toys that look like human drinks your dog can play with!

This collar is blue with white text saying "never drink alone" it features a dog in a wooden arm chair and bottle on a red cooler.

This collar comes in 3 sizes and has a quick release buckle for easy on and off! It's 100% color-fast polyester makes this collar washable and best of all it is made in the USA!

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More about Dog is Good Never Drink Alone Dog Collar

Why we love Dog is Good Never Drink Alone Dog Collar

Polyester collars are strong and super smooth so they won't pull fur or irritate the skin!

Dog is Good is a brand that celebrates the remarkable bond people have with their dogs! Created by a Navy Seal veteran and dog trainer, Dog is Good knows what's good with dogs and people!

Item Details

Small: 3/4 inch in width and 10-14 inch in length
Medium: 3/4 inch in width 14-20 inch in length
Large: 1 inch in width 18-28 inch in length

These collars are made of strong and smooth polyester webbing

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