Vacationing With/Away from Pets

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When going on vacation, your pets are a necessary thing to consider. The first decision to make is whether or not your fluffy friends will be accompanying you on vacation. The following guide will detail instructions for vacationing both with and without your pets! Either way can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to minimize stress and maximize your vacation’s efficiency and enjoyability for both you and your pet! 

Vacationing With Your Pets 

If you are going on vacation, you are likely going to utilize either car or plane to get to your destination. Whether on a road trip or airline, having your pet by your side can be stressful as both entail being in a confined space for an extended time. 

Road Trips with Pets 

Everyone loves spending time with their pets, but it can be a bit stressful to be on a road trip with your pet as this entails both you and your pet will be spending a significant amount of time together in your vehicle which is presumably much smaller than your usual living space. It will be an adjustment, and there are several things you will need to know to facilitate your and your pet’s experience. Remember that traveling in the car can be very scary for a lot of pets! You’ll want to do everything possible to make sure your pet is as comfortable and happy as possible. A good idea is to make sure to take them on small trips in the car before you embark on your road trip. Bringing them with you in the car on short errands or just for little drives beforehand is a great way to familiarize them with the space. 

Before you’ve left on your road trip, make sure that both your pet’s vaccination records and tags are up-to-date. You need to be prepared for all worst-case scenarios. Have all your pet’s records with you in the car in case you need to take an emergency trip to the vet or board your pet for a night. Make sure to pack a collapsible crate as well and plan out where you will be staying beforehand to ensure it is a pet-friendly place. 

Additionally, make sure to prepare your vehicle to be suitable for your pet before you leave on your road trip. Dedicate an area of your car to your pet’s comfort. Add blankets, pillows, and toys. Create a cozy, safe space for them to sleep and relax. Give them as much space as possible to move around. Additionally, ensure you have water and food at all times! Put a water bowl and food bowl in their space. If you’re worried about spills, remember that a perfectly clean and mess-free road trip with your pet is nearly impossible. Though you can prepare for messes with car seat protectors and floor covers, be ready for messes, and don’t get upset at your pet! 

While you’re driving, make sure that your pet has a comfortable amount of food and water at all times. If they are showing signs of distress, give them treats and reward them for good behavior such as laying down and being quiet. Give them lots of love! Make sure your pet knows that they are safe. Additionally, make sure to stop adequately for bathroom breaks! Give your dog lots of opportunities to get out of the car to go potty and stretch. Make sure to do this in safe places, i.e. NOT on the side of the highway or in a busy spot. Dog parks and open outdoor spaces are the ideal places to pull over and allow your pet to get outside. 

Overall, preparing well and for many different situations is the best way to ensure a fun and comfortable road trip with your pet! Make sure you have all the supplies necessary and ensure all of your pet’s needs are met. Roadtripping with your pet comes with a lot of responsibility and the most important thing is to make sure your pet is comfortable and happy! 

Flying with your Pets 

If you have a pet small enough to fit in a carry-on, you can typically bring it to the plane’s cabin to sit with you. Otherwise, you will need to board your pet in the hold of the aircraft with other passengers’ luggage. All airlines have varying policies so make sure you thoroughly review all of them before deciding to bring your pet with you on the aircraft. Bringing your pet to the airport adds additional steps and time required to get to your gate, so make sure to arrive earlier than normal. Arrive at the airport with your pet’s documentation, a photo of them, and some extra food. Additionally, ensure that your dog is properly microchipped in the extremely unlikely case that the airline misplaces your animal. Additionally, if you are considering sedating your pet before the flight, make sure you do lots of research. Whether or not this is a good idea is highly debated by experts, so make sure to thoroughly weigh all of the pros and cons. The most important thing to consider when flying with your pets is that they are comfortable. Make sure they are well fed and hydrated and that they are comfortable with the crate they will be in. 

Vacationing Away from Your Pets 

If you’ve decided to leave your pet at home while you are on vacation, there are several things you must do to ensure their safety and happiness while you are away. First of all, you must decide whether or not you will be leaving them at home with a sitter or putting them in a pet hotel. Note, your absence will already be causing your dog some stress, so it may be best to leave them in your home if possible as this is a familiar and comfortable environment. 

A Pet Sitter 

If you leave them at home, you need to hire a sitter. Most people choose to go with someone nearby and familiar like a neighbor or family friend, but sometimes this is not possible. If this is the case, there are plenty of sources to help you find a responsible and credible pet sitter. One such example is Rover, a site for pet-owners and pet-sitters to connect. Rover thoroughly vets their pet carers with background checks and identity verification. 

Make sure to facilitate your pet sitter's time with your pet by providing all the necessary information and instructions. This includes feeding instructions and times, potty instructions and times, and play instructions and times. Make sure to include all necessary information about any medications your pet may be on and how the pet-sitter should administer these. Additionally, consider having them over in person before you leave so that they can familiarize themselves with both your home and your pet. Giving your sitter and your pet an opportunity to interact beforehand is a great idea as it will make them both more comfortable. 

Leaving your pet in the hands of someone else can be scary and worry-inducing, even if it is with someone trustworthy and responsible. Many pet owners choose to invest in pet cameras to keep an eye on their furry friends while they are away. Both PetCube Inc Pet Camera are highly reviewed cameras to grant you some peace of mind and minimize your worry while you’re away.  

Lost Pet - Prevention is key, Peace of Mind is Possible

Whether you are traveling with your dog in unfamiliar environments or your dog is being watched by a pet sitter your dog may escape! Being able to track your pet's location is possible. Using the FitBark tracker you can use GPS in real time to locate the position of your pet, you will also be notified if they leave a safe zone alone, or are no longer with you. The Huan PetTag uses blue tooth to find your pet, you can get their proprietary tag or even use their tag holder to hold Apple Air Tags and then your dog will become a part of Apple's Find My network if you mark them as lost! Also make sure your dog is microchipped, so when they are found a vet can scan your pet to get your information! Make sure you update it regularly, but especially before you go on vacation! Sites such as Free Pet Chip Registry is a cost effective option to update your pet's microchip!

Prevention is always key! Make sure you use the tips above to secure your dog and make sure your pet sitter knows how to keep your dog safe!

Vacationing With/Away from Pets
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