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Doggone Clickers

Belt Strap for Treat Pouch

Belt Strap for Treat Pouch

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This belt is adjustable and has a quick-release buckle. It will fit perfectly in our treat pouches! This is perfect if you prefer to have your bait bag hanging from your waist or around your shoulders!


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Doggone Clickers

More about Belt Strap for Treat Pouch


We love this belt because some treat pouches become too heavy to hang on your pants alone! Plus what happens if you wear a dress?
We also love that it makes hanging up your pouch easy, just use the strap and hang it on a hook by your front door and you are ready for the day!

Why we love Doggone Clickers

We love the Doggone Good Clicker Company because they have expertise and passion in providing quality pet training products for over 25 years!


The belt is one-size fits most, it is 1 inch thick and adjusts from 27 to 48 inches long.

Ingredients or Materials

This is made out of nylon and has a plastic buckle and adjuster