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Mutts in Need

Sponsor a Mutt in Need Care Package

Sponsor a Mutt in Need Care Package

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Give the Dog a Ball is partnering with Mutts in Need! A local non-profit all breed dog rescue run by volunteers. When you purchase this package you will be giving a Needy Mutt some much needed items!

Why should I buy from you vs buying it myself?

The benefit of buying from Give the Dog a Ball verses buying the item yourself is the difference in cost between wholesale and retail! You may pay $5 for an item at a store to donate, but I can buy the same item in bulk for $2.50! That means that Mutts in Need can get MORE for the same amount of money or you can donate less and give the same amount!

What is included in Sponsor a Mutt in Need Care Package?

We include what Mutts in Need requires to care for their dogs! Mutts in Need has the option to take the entire monetary value of this package or the items in the package along with the proceeds. It all depends on their current needs at the time! Give the Dog a Ball will always ask!

Something to destress!

The dogs that come into Mutts in Need's care are rescues and they may have had injuries, trauma, behavior issues or have been lost! Many of these things as well as changes in routine, vet visits, learning new things can be stressful for a Mutt! Dogs can destress by chewing or licking! So we include a chew treat or toy appropriate for their size!

Something to fit in, and Stand out!

Dogs don't always come to Mutts in Need dressed and ready to go. So we get them something that will fit them! A nice fitted collar, and leash! But we don't want our mutts to blend in too much with the non-needy mutts so we also give an Adopt Me Bandana, for these dogs to strut their stuff on the adoption cat-walk, I mean dog-walk, and let people know they are available to Go Home and Chill with you!

Treats and food!

If dogs could feed themselves they probably would eat from the garbage or the neighborhood squirrel! We want to make sure every dog is fed a nutritious meal and has healthy snacks! We may not know exactly what the dog likes yet or may be allergic or sensitive to, so we may give them trials of different flavors of treats or a small bag of dog food to tide them over to their next meal!

Health Goods

Nobody wants to get sick from fleas and ticks! We will include a 3 month package of flea treatment for your sponsored pup!

Summary of items

  • Edible Chew (Large Elk Antler is 48.99 Retail)
  • Chew Toy (nylon chew is 11.99 Retail)
  • Collar (Large Polyester Martingale 13.99 Retail)
  • Slip Leash (5 foot Leash is 12.49 Retail)
  • Bandana (Large Bandana is 17 Retail)
  • Bag of Treats or small bag of food (12lb bag 35 Retail)
  • 3 month flea and tick topical treatment (3-month supply for Large dog topical is 72.47 Retail)

The items above are some of the bare minimums a Mutt in need may need for their first month in rescue. The total retail amount above is $211.93! Plus don't forget shipping heavy items!

Why is the maximum donation only $150 if retail Price is $211?

Because Give the Dog a Ball is buying wholesale the amount you need to donate to get the above items is less! That is why our $150 donation package can get everything on the list above! That saves donors 30% or more! Remember Mutts in Need can always use help directly from you. Such as direct donations for medical costs, volunteering, spreading the word, or even use your dog’s hand me downs! 

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More about Sponsor a Mutt in Need Care Package

Why we love Sponsor a Mutt in Need Care Package

Every time you purchase one of these packages you help one or more Mutts in Need!
We will send you updates on the dog these items are used for!

We love Mutts in Need because they are 100% volunteer run non-profit that saves dogs at risk for euthanasia to no fault of their own!

Item Details

Size of items are dependent on the dog’s size! Items for larger dogs generally cost more because they take up more material. The price for all items above are for large dogs, so if a smaller dog is receiving this package we may be able to help more than one dog!

The amount of love is always the same!

Brands may vary from pictured

Need help?

If you need help with picking an item, with an order or training feel free to reach out to us!

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