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Yellow Dog Design

Solid Color Leash and Coupler

Solid Color Leash and Coupler

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Solid colors are simple, elegant, classic and perfect for any dog! 


The classic leash has a loop handle, and Nickle plated clasp to attach to your dog!


If you have more than one dog a coupler may be just for you! I features a ring to hook onto your normal leash, and two shorter leashes that are adjustable. Each with a clasp to attach to your dogs! Coupler's can be great for single dog use too, attach one to their collar and another to their harness or backup collar and you have a fail-safe system for your dog!


Polyester is a versatile fabric, it is strong and durable and machine washable!

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Yellow Dog Design

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Leash 3/4" width 60" (5 foot) Length<br>
Coupler 3/4" width 12-20" Length<br>

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