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Slow Feed Sniff Mat

Slow Feed Sniff Mat

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Dogs are naturally intelligent and inquisitive. They desire both physical and mental challenges. The Scamper Sniff mat consists of differing lengths of fleece strips forming a thick carpet that mimics grass.

Treats or dry feed can be hidden between the strips. Your pet will naturally use their paws and nose to find the food and get their reward. The Sniff Mat can also be used as a slow feeder for dogs with gulping issues.

Key Features

  • Encourages your dogs natural instinct to forage for food
  • Simple easy to use design provides a natural challenge
  • Ideal for use as a slow feeder to help prevent digestive issues
  • Soft fleece mimics grass and is gentle on dogs face and body
  • Helps to reduce stress, boredom and anxiety
  • Perfect for all dog sizes and breeds of any age
  • Machine washable

Weight 32 oz., Dimensions 12 x 2 x 16 in

Tags: Feeder, Feeder Toy, Food Dispenser, Sale

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