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This is an add on service for our products! We use Heat Transfer vinyl to transfer designs to your favorite dog items to give a personal touch! Prices depend on the item and number of colors  some items have a larger area to work with and can have more intricate designs and others need to be simpler due to size and limitations of the vinyl. We will do our best to accommodate what you need, but please check your email for proofs or updates to items so we can get your items to you as fast as possible!

Due to varying screen displays and differences in lighting, color swatches may vary from those you see here. We recommend lighter colors on top of darker colors for greatest visibility but you can still choose what you want!

If you have any custom needs that cannot be fulfilled by our options on our site please feel free to reach out to with any further requests, or put what you are looking for in the description and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Items available for Personalization:


This personalization option is words or simple art that go along the length of the leash.

nylon dog leash with customization


Collar customizations are also typically text that go along the length of the collar, but they may also include simple art.

biothane dog collar with mobile number name address and post code


With our current customization methods we can have simple art with up to 3 colors, text or both!

grey dog hoodie with personalized text

Treat Pouch

Treat pouch can be text only or even include images or logos!


Many of our bandanas already have patterns on them, so this is typically just adding text to personalize the bandana for your dog! But simple images can be added as well!


 Custom designs with Symbols/Letters:

Example of an image with text.

Rectangle A 1 x 2.57 in
Rectangle B 1.5 x 4 in
Rectangle C 2 x 6 in
Rectangle D 3.5 x 2 5/8 in
Circle A 1 in in diameter
Circle B 1.5 in in diameter
Circle C 2 in in diameter
Circle D 2 in in diameter

1-3 weeks; from FL; using UPS or USPS