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Halti Optifit Headcollar

Halti Optifit Headcollar

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The Halti Optifit HeadCollar helps you have greater control of your dog!

Take a walk on the gentler side with the Halti Black Headcollar for Dogs! Your pet really doesn't mind being lead around by the nose - which is what Halti Black Headcollar for Dogs' innovative design allows! You have greater control, and your pet feels more comfortable. The Headcollar has a safety loop that connects to a regular collar. This prevents your sweet pup from getting off the lead if the head collar should slip off by accident


  • Gives owners control of their dogs while walking
  • Allows owners to lead dogs by the nose
  • Features safety loop that attaches to regular collar
  • Prevents dogs from getting off the lead if the head collar accidentally slips off
  • Internal padding for supreme comfort and durability
  • Reflective side strap for additional visibility
  • Dual interlocking buckle for additional security

Tags: Collar, Training Collar

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Small Neck Size 9.5-15.5"
Medium Neck Size 16.5-21"
Large Neck Size 19-25"

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