Nylon Leash

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Nylon is durable, flexible, comfortable and a good value material for dog gear. This nylon flat leash offers security and comfort with reinforced handles. It is 6 feet long (72 inches). Nylon leashes are also lightweight, good for a variety of temperatures and is low-maintenance. Just be sure to dry the leash before storing as it can hold moisture.

  • HIGH-QUALITY NYLON: With 11 vivid colors to choose from.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: for handler and dog.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: a thin but strong build for style and utility.
  • HARDWARE: Black coated hardware.
  • PERFECT FOR: Running with an active dog or strolling down the street with style.

6 Feet long, 1/2 inch thick, 1,000 pound force break point