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No Spill Travel Water Bowl

No Spill Travel Water Bowl

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Giving your pet water to drink in a moving vehicle is a dodgy propositionmost bowls are tippy, shallow and the water winds up on the floorboards of seats more often than in Fidos mouth. Not so with the PortablePET WaterBoy, designed from the ground up to re-invent how pets drink in a moving vehicle. Holding up to 3 quarts of water in its reservoir, the Waterboy can be placed flat for easy pet access on the go and wont spill from car motion.

  • Engineered not to splash or spill
  • Stands upright for storage, lays flat for use
  • Holds up to 3 quarts of water

Tags: & Waterers, Bowls, Feeders, Safety, Summer Heat, Tool, Travel, Waterer

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