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No Fuss Fill

No Fuss Ready Rak

No Fuss Ready Rak

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The No Fuss Fill Ready Rak® fits neatly in the fridge or freezer. Hygienically and conveniently store up to 4 Lick mats in your fridge or freezer.

The Ready Rak® stores your dog's lick mats away from human food

Two slide-out shelves make it easy to access the mats when you need them.

The Shelves can be removed completely so that unusually shaped, filled toys can also be stored safely in the fridge or freezer till needed. The clear acrylic design works with any kitchen decor style .

The Ready Rak comes with four non-slip feet on the base so that it is secure in your fridge, freezer or on your countertop


Fits lickmats up to 8.75 x 8.75"

Happy People Say

"This Rak is amazing for storing our lickimats when freezing them. No longer do I have to try and balance them all hoping there are no spills. In a multi-dog household that loves enrichment this is a must"

"I absolutely love the Ready Rak! It is a game-changer for prepping and storing lickimats. Saves so much space in your fridge or freezer"


Care Instructions

Please hand wash with warm soapy water. We advise removing the two shelves before washing- these can be removed easily by sliding them out. Replace after washing. 

We do not advise washing the Ready Rak in the dishwasher it will affect the appearance and reduce the product life

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9x9x4 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this bit of kit! I have a very small house/kitchen and my freezer is therefore pretty teeny, and this has made life SO much easier! I like to bulk-make three or four lickimats at a time (my labrador LOVES them and keeps her busy for so long!) so this is an amazing bit of space saving kit. Thank you! An absolute must have for anyone who uses lickimats!