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Naughty No More! by Marilyn Krieger

Naughty No More! by Marilyn Krieger

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Do you think you can't train your cat and resolve troublesome cat behavior challenges? With the guidance in this book, you can!

Clicker training, combined with other friendly, positive behavior modification techniques can effectively solve cat behavior problems and train your cat in a way that will be quick and easy for you, and fun for your cat. Clicker training can also improve your cat's activity rate, attitude and, more importantly, strengthen the bonds between you and your cat.

In this easy-to-read beginner's guide, Marilyn Krieger, a leading clicker-training expert, tells you how to teach your cat to sit, stay, not dart out of doors, not scratch the furniture, have stress-free introductions to new cats, stay off the table and counters, get along better with you, your guests, and other cats, have a stress-free association with both the cat carrier and trips to the veterinarian, do tricks, and much more!

This 160-page guide provides solutions for every loving cat parent whose home is blessed with a creative, free-thinking feline. Internationally respected Certified Cat-Behavior Consultant Marilyn Krieger brings authority, humor, and paws-on experience to this informative book. She details the solutions to the most challenging cat-behavior issues, combining the "click" with common sense and positive thinking. Solving troublesome cat behaviors has never been so easy!

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