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Jafco Plastic Muzzle

Jafco Plastic Muzzle

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Jafco Muzzles were developed by a police service dog trainer for work with tough, hard hitting police dogs!

Jafco muzzles can to be worn for extended periods of time without inhibiting the dog's breathing, barking, panting or stress responses. These muzzles can be left on all day with water available. Jafco muzzles are designed for using a water bowl or bucket. 

Muzzle Uses:

  • Prevent wound licking
  • prevents eating rocks, garbage, poison, etc.
  • Prevents injuries from dog fights and conflicts during breeding
  • Some transportation companies allow dogs if properly muzzled
  • Helps with handling or training of aggressive or problem dogs
  • Ideal for police and protection training

Fitting the Dog:

  • The felt nosepiece should be just below the dog's stop with the end of the muzzle touching the dog's nose.
  • When on the dog:
    • pull the muzzle out and down
    • pull the muzzle out and up
    • if it comes off, it is either:
      • too loose because straps are not tight enough, or
      • too big for the dog
  • The muzzle should fit comfortably and allow the dog to pant and bark.


  Size #0 Length of nose = 2 inches Circumference = 7 ½ inches
  Size #1 Length of nose = 2 ¾ inches Circumference = 10 ¼ inches
  Size #2 Length of nose = 3 ¼ inches Circumference = 11 ½ inches
  Size #3 Length of nose = 3 ½ inches Circumference = 13 inches
  Size #4 Length of nose = 4 ½ inches Circumference = 16 inches
  Size #5 Length of nose = 4 inches Circumference = 18 inches
  Size #4R Length of nose = 3 inches Circumference = 16 ½ inches
  Size #3R small Length of nose = 3 inches

Circumference = 14 inches


  Size #0 Chihuahua & similar breeds
  Size #1 Jack Russell Terrier, Manchester Terrier, etC.
  Size #2 Beagle, Brittany Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Kerry Blue terrier, etc.
  Size #3 Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, Dalmatian, Golden Retrievers, etc.
  Size #4 German Shepherd, Doberman, Giant Schnauzer, etc.
  Size #5 Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Small St. Bernard, etc.
  Size #4R Male Rottweiller
  Size #3R small Female Rottweiller
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More about Jafco Plastic Muzzle

Why we love Jafco Plastic Muzzle

Benefits of muzzle training can be to help overcome problem behaviors. But all dogs may become stressed in an emergency situation and a muzzle is a great way to protect your dog and those who may help your dog in those situations!

We love Jafco because, they are a small veteran owned business that works to maintain the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction, all since 1974.

Item Details

Size Nose Circumference
#0 2" 7 1/2"
#1 2 3/4" 10 1/4"
#2 3 1/4" 11 1/2"
#3 3 1/2" 13"
#4 4 1/2" 16"
#5 4" 18"
#4R 3" 16 1/2"
#3R 3" 14"

Clear Vinyl
or White or Black Polyethylene plastic
all with reinforced neoprene straps

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