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Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar

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Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Collar is a training collar of top quality built in Germany

The prong collar is a special training aid that must be handled by experts only. A prong collar is always just an aid in dog training and never replaces a well-founded and professional training. Therefore, we ask you to seek advice in specialized shops when choosing the right prong collar and to be supported by an experienced trainer as well as to visit a competent dog school.


Stainless steel is suitable to be used around the coast or with permanent humidity.

O-Ring is the classic hardware fixtures of the collar with two rings! The swivel is the comfort version of the collar allowing for the highest flexibility between the dog, collar and leash!


Collars come in one size per gauge and require removing or adding links to fit your dog's neck. Smaller Gauges work better for smaller dogs or dogs with shorter fur. Larger gauges work better for larger dogs or dogs with longer fur.

To size a collar for your dog do the following:

  1. Measure your dog's neck and add 2 inches!
  2. Choose a gauge (it is preference of you and your trainer, however it is recommended to use larger gauges with larger dogs and small gauges with smaller dogs, you can up the gauge if your dog has longer fur or lower the gauge if your dog has short fur)
  3. Is the length too big or too small to fit your dog?
  4. The length of the gauge is in the sizing tab, if your dog's neck is bigger than the size the collar comes in buy extra links! If your dog's neck is smaller than the size the collar comes in you only need to buy the collar and remove links when you get the collar!

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    Gauge 2.25mm Collar: 16 inches Links are 1.25in<br>
    Gauge 3.2mm Collar: 23in Links are 1.5in<br>
    Gauge 4mm Collar: 25in Links are 2in<br>

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