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The Jolly Flyer Frisbee Disc

The Jolly Flyer Frisbee Disc

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Not only will it fly like the dickens but it's easy for your dog to grab and even use as a tug toy. Wont puncture through all of the rigors of the most rambunctious puppy. Engineered to be titanium tough yet velvety soft.

petco hard frisbee for size comparison.

  • Massage specially contoured ridges gently massage gums and clean teeth
  • Chase sure to give your dog a run for his money
  • Swim - ideal for water based catch & fetch
  • Small - 7.5" / Large - 9.5"
  • We design our toys to be durable, but no dog toy is indestructible. For safety, you should always supervise while your dog plays with any toy. Remove all packaging and dispose or properly. Parts of this item can be a choking hazard to pets and children if removed from the toy. If any becomes loose, detached, or destroyed, remove the toy and discard immediately.

Tags: Disc, Endurance, Fetch, Fetch Toy, Frisbee, Toy, Tug & Chase Toy

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