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Doggy Dessert Book by Cheryl Gianfrancesco

Doggy Dessert Book by Cheryl Gianfrancesco

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Dessert doesn't have to be unhealthy to be delicious, especially when it's a nutritious homemade dessert for your furry best friend!

The marriage of two of the world's favorite topics—dogs and desserts—Doggy Desserts offers dog owners over 125 recipes to spoil (and nourish) your pampered pooch! From sweet cakes and muffins to savory biscuits to refreshing frozen treats, Doggy Desserts shows you how to make tempting snacks for your pup with wholesome ingredients and, most of all, love.

This beautifully photographed and designed book presents easy-to-do, fun recipes divided into six categories: cookies, bars, drop cookies, cakes, muffins, and fruity frozen treats. For dog owners who are concerned about controlling what's in their dogs' food or who are looking to find low-cal, low-fat options for their slightly plump pups, Doggy Desserts provides many tasty options. From carob peanut butter crunch balls, sweet potato biscuits, and liver oatmeal bones to granola bars, apple sauce spice cake, and watermelon dog sherbet, you might be tempted to try each of these delectable delights yourself before serving your dog!

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