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Dog is Good

Dog is Good Never Hike Alone Dog Collar

Dog is Good Never Hike Alone Dog Collar

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Hiking in the company of Dog brings the experience to a whole new level!

This collar is blue with white text, "never hike alone." it sports a dog on a rock holding hiking boots!

This collar comes in 3 sizes and has a quick release buckle for easy on and off! It's 100% color-fast polyester makes this collar washable and best of all it is made in the USA!

Safety first when hiking with your dog! Use our hands free running and jogging belt along with our Quest Harness to protect your dog's shoulders and distribute their weight effectively!

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Dog is Good

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Small: 3/4 inch in width and 10-14 inch in length<br>
Medium: 3/4 inch in width 14-20 inch in length<br>
Large: 1 inch in width 18-28 inch in length<br>

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