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Fantastic Dog Chews

Deer Antler

Deer Antler

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Naturally shed deer, elk, and moose antlers sourced from the Colorado Rockies!

Deer and moose antlers are available as a whole piece, while elk antlers are available as whole or split. The split elk antlers have the marrow exposed, which dogs will find attractive; however, split elk antlers are not as durable as whole elk antlers.

Country of Origin: USA

Description: Looking for a chew that will keep your dog entertained for hours? Deer antlers are one of the toughest natural chews available. The vast majority of dogs will chew an antler over a number of sessions - this isn't a chew that can be eaten in one sitting. Our naturally shed antlers are hand sorted by weight.

Chew Time: This antler is likely to withstand weeks to months before it needs to be replaced.

Recommended for:

Small Antler: each small deer antler weighs 100 g or less. Recommended for adult dogs under 20 lbs.

Medium Antler: each medium deer antler weighs 101 - 174 g. Recommended for adult dogs under 50 lbs.

Large Antler: each large deer antler weighs 175 - 300 g. Recommended for adult dogs over 50 lbs.

Good for customers looking for a very long lasting chew. Whole antlers are much tougher than split antlers. Pick the right sized antler depending on the chewing strength of the dog (i.e. a large German shepherd should not be given a small antler, they should be given a large antler). Deer antlers are much harder and denser compared to elk antlers.

Please note: Antlers are extremely dense and hard - we do not recommend them for dogs with underlying dental problems. Deer antler is the densest antler we carry, the extremely hard outer layer is thicker than the softer core marrow. Compared to elk, which has a larger, more porous core, relative to the hard outer layer.


Country of Origin: USA

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Ingredients or Materials

Ingredients: 100% naturally shed USA deer antler.
Guaranteed Analysis:<br>
Crude Protein: 40.5% min
Crude Fat: 0.1% min
Crude Fiber: 0.1% max
Moisture: 11.4% max
Calories: 5.2 kcal/g, 520 kcal per small antler, 780 kcal per medium antler, 1300 kcal per large antler