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Cool Pup

Cool Pup Dog Cooling Towel

Cool Pup Dog Cooling Towel

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Cool Pup Dog Cooling Towel is the best way to keep your dog cool in the summer!

Each towel boasts innate cooling properties—simply wet in cold water and wring it out to keep pets cool for hours Individual towels are made of a fabric material that’s soft and comfortable when wet If towel dries out, simply rehydrate with water.

How to Cool a Hot Dog

The best way to cool off a hot dog is to remove them from the heat and use a cool wet towel, cooling mat or fan! Pouring water on your dog could change the temperature too fast and put your dog in shock! When the towel starts to dry just wet the towel again, ring it out and put it back on your dog or for your dog to lay on! If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke get them to an emergency vet as fast as possible!


100% PVA


Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.

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Why we love Cool Pup Dog Cooling Towel

This towel can help cool off your dog!

Cool Pup is a great line of items that help keep your pet cool in the heat!

Item Details

31”L x 12½”W

Made from 100% PVA

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