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Fantastic Dog Chews

6 inch Bully Sticks

6 inch Bully Sticks

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Our Odor Free Bully Sticks are made out of 100% beef pizzle

This high-protein, low fat chew will keep your dog occupied for a while!

This odor free bully stick will NOT smell while your dog is chewing it. Always recommend bully sticks to new puppy owners, puppies can't resist chewing on bully sticks and this will prevent the puppy from developing bad habits like chewing on shoes and furniture. Great for anxious or active dogs, as chewing calms dogs down and relieves stress.

Recommended for dogs of all life stages (including puppies). This will be a moderate - long lasting chew for dogs under 60 lbs, and may be eaten more quickly by larger dogs.

Why an edible chew?

Edible chews are great for dogs who may be picky to chew other items, mostly because they smell and taste good! Because they taste great your dog will love it, and it will help get your dog's focus in the moment. We chose 100% beef bully sticks as some of our edible chews because the limited ingredients are good for dogs who may have sensitivities. They don't have any additives and best of all aren't made with carbs! Carbs turn into sugar quicker than proteins, which can lead to plaque build up, sugar crashes and can be bad for dogs with certain health conditions. 

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Fantastic Dog Chews

More about 6 inch Bully Sticks


Relieve Stress and Anxiety
Chewing can naturally help alleviate stress in our dogs. The act of chewing relaxes them and can help them over come anxieties.

Reduces Plaque Buildup
Some treats can help reduce plaque buildup. Natural treats that are tough help scrape dog's teeth and can be an easy, hands-free way to help your dog's teeth! If your dog suddenly doesn't want to chew their favorite toys or treats be sure to get them a dental checkup!

Burns Excess Energy
When dogs are bored they may chew whatever is handy, why not give them something made just for them! Since this is an activity that keeps your dog occupied and can sometimes be challenging, chewing helps your dog burn off energy!

Why we love Fantastic Dog Chews

We love Fantastic Dog Chews, a child company of The Natural Dog Company, because they ensure their treats are quality and safe and are on a mission to provide a healthy and natural way for dogs to engage in natural behaviors such as chewing!

All of Fantastic Dog Chews' treats are free from preservatives, fillers, additives, and artificial flavors.


6 inches in length
Weight 17-24g

Ingredients or Materials

Ingredients: 100% beef pizzle

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 86.9% min
Crude Fat: 0.5% min
Crude Fiber: 1.6% max
Moisture: 9.9% max
Calories: 3.93 kcal/g

This is not a complete diet and should be used for supplemental feeding only. Treats and supplements should only take up about 10% of a pet's balanced diet

Customer Reviews

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Nothing else is good enough for my jerks

I love my dogs, but they are jerks and they love to chew on my stuff. This is the only thing that will stop them and keep their chewing tendencies at bay. Thank you for these amazing gifts from heaven.


My dog loves these and I love that they don’t smell! Went through a few different brands to find the perfect fit. Highly recommend