Summer Watermelon Themed Dog Enrichment Toy

Summer Watermelon Themed Dog Enrichment Toy

Summer is here! And our dogs deserve sweet and cool summer treats too!

This watermelon themed treat is simple to make!

Items needed:



  1. Use your Unstoppable to hold your Can Toy treat hole up (a cup will work if you don’t have a stopper, and/or your toy doesn’t have a flat bottom like the Can Toy has)
  2. Use a funnel (spoon, or your hand) to help guide the food into the toy
    • order of food layers is up to you and is based on your dog’s skill level, but this is what I did:
  • Dry food is the first layer and it fills up more than half the toy
  • Wet food is the top most layer
  • Watermelon chunks are dipped into pumpkin and wet food and used as the top most layer of food that sticks out as an easy introduction to the toy
  • I used peanut butter rubbed onto the outside words of the can toy for easy snacking if getting food out from inside becomes frustrating
  • I froze the entire toy standing up so the watermelon cannot fall off and so the peanut butter becomes hard
  • Optionally after the first freeze I put peanut butter on the back of a cookie and pushed the cookie into the side of the can toy using the peanut butter as glue
  • I then froze the toy again but this time with the toy in its side cookie side up (stopper is removed from bottom) I used two stoppers on either side of the toy to keep the toy from rolling in my freezer and the cookie on


After treat is frozen and cookie is glued you can feed it to your dog!



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