Fit Fuel - Foods for a Healthy Dog

Written by Samantha Montoya and Ruby Night

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Fit Food, the basics:

A fit dog is more than just body and mind, it involves what fuels them - their food. Not all dog food is the same, and dogs may react to some foods differently than others. When it comes to food for your dog, think about these questions:
  • What food is nutritionally complete?
  • What food tastes good to my dog?
  • What food is tolerated by my dog?
  • What food is needed by my dog?
  • What food is nutritionally complete?

To find this, we need to know the general makeup of the food in terms of nutrients, protein, fats, and fiber. The AAFCO is an organization that creates guidelines on what makeup of foods is best for animals based on species and life stage. The AAFCO does not test or regulate pet food, they just create the standards. Pet food companies are encouraged to test and label their food following those guidelines. This labeling of pet food makes it easy for us to know if the given food is good enough for our pets.

Non-profit organizations like Dog Food Adviser, Pet Food Ratings, and The Whole Dog Journal can offer opinions on what foods are best to feed your dog based on reviews from other users who have fed their dogs. The Dog Food Advisor also has a feature where they rate the quality of ingredients in the dog food (you can search by brand) and will give the food a score and they have the option to sign up for their dog food recall list. If you’re looking to try out a new type of food or a new brand for your dog, make sure to consult these websites! It’s always a good idea to do research beforehand.

Food Examples

Some dogs may react better to raw food. According to Michele Welton's your purebred puppy, raw meat is healthy and natural for dogs and may be worth pursuing. If so, many companies provide good and healthy raw food for your dogs. WeFeedRaw and RawWild are great options if you are looking to introduce your dog to a raw diet. Both provide healthy and fresh raw meat dog food options to enrich your dog’s diet! On the other side of the spectrum, cooked meats may also be a great option for your dog. While the cooked vs raw food dispute is still being debated by professionals, neither one poses serious threats. If you choose to feed your dog cooked meats, consider Pet Plate’s fresh human-grade cooked food for dogs! It’s a great and healthy choice to fuel your pup! The Honest Kitchen additionally offers human-grade and vet-created cooked meats! 

Additionally, a keto food diet may be a good option for your dog. If this is the case, consider trying ketoNatural Pet Foods! Keto food diets may have some very good and healthy benefits for your dog! Just make sure to consider many factors and ensure they are getting all of the nutrients that they need. If you choose to pursue a keto diet for your dog, make sure to consult your veterinarian beforehand and do throughout the research. 
If you’re looking for a more general, broad source for dog foods, many holistic sites have tons of variety and options for your dog food! K9Cuisine Inc. offers dog food options ranging from hypoallergenic, vegetarian, freeze-dried, raw, organic, canned, and more! They provide a wide variety of healthy dog foods and treats to meet your dog’s needs! 

On the other hand, you may be looking for a more custom option. Since every dog is different, you may be looking to cater your dog’s food directly to them! Tailored Pet offers a quick and easy quiz to pair your dog with food that works! If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of dog food choices available, Tailored Pet makes it easy by considering your dog’s unique needs. They personalize your dog’s food specifically for them and deliver right to your door.

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Fit Fuel - Foods for a Healthy Dog
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