Progress in Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

Progress in Becoming a Certified Dog Trainer

As long as I can remember I used to love dogs. I would watch the dog show every year and on my walks to school I’d notice if a neighborhood dog matched the winning show dog’s breed. I’d memorized many breeds of dogs and the group they were in because of it. I’d learn what they were bred to do, what they lived to work for. And in turn I’d read dog training books available at the library, watch Dogs with jobs, It’s me or the Dog, and other dog related media.

In junior high I’d take a class, I forget what it was called but it involved things like searching career posting and finding the average salary of particular jobs as well as budgeting to live off of that job. But the job I chose was Dog Trainer. I still think about it to this day. I didn’t end up becoming a dog trainer, but instead getting a bachelor’s in computer science and working in the technical industry. But for fun I still read dog training and behavior books, listen to dog training podcasts and watch training videos. I have an associates degree in behavioral sciences, and plan to continue my education so that I can become a dog trainer. 

I have my own dog and when people see me working my dog they ask me questions. Because I love dogs I answer with a solution for them to try. But now I’m ready to try to become a formal trainer.

The requirements to become a certified dog trainer can be found on CCDPT website. It involves an examination of dog behavior, experience training dogs, and endorsement from a veterinarian or certificant.

Right now I have the challenge of working a minimum of 300 hours with people and their dog to become certified and I will continue to learn from resources available to me. My goal with Give the Dog a Ball is to gain community visibility and to help fund more advanced courses for my venture of becoming a dog trainer.

If you live in the Orange County California area and are in need of dog training help feel free to contact me to set up some in person sessions.


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